2020 Kalugala

akkoord vergroten kleuterschool.

Het contract voor een grotere kleuterschool is ondertekend. DE bouwplannen zijn aangepast. Er zijn 2 foto's die aangeven hoe de nieuwe kleuterschool er uit komt te zien. Start bouwactiviteiten in januari 2021.

Aanvraag Father Bennette


Kalugala is a remote village in the North Central Province. The total population is about 1424 comprising 690 females and 734 males.  Some of them are involved in small scale farming and others do odd jobs on a daily wage basis to earn their living. This is one of those many villages where socio-economic benefits have not reached the people. The local government sources maintain that they do not have funds to support a construction of a building for a Pre School since the Central government has no funds to allocate for same. Thus, these people have absolutely no social security whatsoever. Their only hope for economic prosperity and social recognition is to give their children a decent education. Thus, a systematic education for children of this remote village from the beginning will help them immensely to do well at the formal primary level of education. Therefore, a well-equipped Pre School will make a huge difference not only in the lives of children but also to the community. You are invited to be the heroes to make this change in their lives.


The introduction of MCLS to the parents of these children is going to be beneficial not only for them but also for the whole village. It will be primarily an investment on livestock and carbonic home gardening. This will enable the parents to have access to chemical free basic food at domestic level, reduce malnutrition among children and cultivate the uncultivated land. This sustainable avenues of income through livestock and home gardening will bring about immense socio-economic benefits for this village community.

Further, the interest earned from the micro loans would be used for the running cost of the preschool and for its maintenance. The final objective of your donation is aimed at empowering them socio economically through MCLS so that the community could own the management and administration of the Pre School eventually. 


The interest generated through the MCLS is used to pay for Pre School running cost, to pay the salary of Pre School teachers and for the maintenance of the Pre School. Parents who get loan facilities will be able to improve their economic condition by engaging in livelihood activities. The Community Based Organization of the village, where most of these Pre School parents are members will monitor regularly the activities of the Pre School. Further, they will form the decision making body of the Pre School where they will be entrusted with the responsibility with regard to the maintenance, development and progress of the Pre School.

De bevolking van Kalugala op het terrein waar de school wordt gebouwd.