Uni program

Education program for poor children in remote schools



Education in Sri Lanka is often seen as a way out of poverty, increasing opportunities to earn, contribute to society and improve one’s status. However, inequalities in quality education are a common feature in Sri Lanka. As a result, learning outcomes of children in remote areas in subjects like Mathematics Science, English and Information Technology are alarmingly low.


To prepare poor children for their secondary level final examination

A profile of the Organization

The Catholic Student Movement of the University of Rajarata has been always in the forefront in terms of organizing social and charitable activities for the marginalized irrespective of their caste, creed and race.

The efforts of the Catholic students are always unconditionally supported by students of Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim religious traditions.   

The impact our organization wants to bring about

Organizing a workshop in core subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, and Information Technology can help students improve their academic performance and qualify for higher education.