2021 Vilankulam preschool


Vilankulam Village  is situated in Kandy Road and we need to go interior for approximately 02 km. It is a war affected village and the families have been resettled in 2007. At the moment there are 75 families residing within the village. Out of 75 families 05 families are Buddhists, 05 families are Muslims and 10 families are Catholics. Rest of the families are Hindus. It is an ideal situation of peaceful coexistence. At the time of our first visit we were told there were 15 preschool children. In our recent visit we have 22 children we inquired why the change they replied that they have now enrolled year 03 + students because in the formal school they allow children only at the age of year 05. We learned two teachers are managing them. They are now functioning in the community Centre of the village. The Government has earmarked a land for the proposed preschool. The land will come under the Rural Development Society of the village




The village is in middle of a jungle and there is treat from the elephants the Divisional Secretary with his able assistance has constructed an electric fence to prevent the elephants entering into the village. The villagers’ major income comes from cattle rearing (goats and cows) and home garden.







In our prioritization we chose this village because the families are living in the village over 40 years. After the war the families were resettled and up to now no formal school is being given to the village.  The only source of education is the preschool. When time goes on there may be chances to put up a primary school within the village. We have chosen Vilankulam village on their vulnerability and our vision is also that we should work for the poor and the marginalized people.