2021 Vilankulam preschool



With the second advance we have paid to the Contractor the building has now come to the roof level and the cable has been constructed.  We hope that the construction work will be over very soon. We have to do the roof work and the finishing work with door frame and window frame fixing. Once the floor is done, door and window fixing will continue. We are satisfied that the construction will be over before the monsoonal rains come down.


The fund you will be sending us will be used for finishing work of the building. Making of play materials and finally we also provide teachers, the school furniture needed for the children and the teachers.


We are very much thanking to you for the allocation made at your earliest.

1e funderingssteen gelegd


On 30th June 2021 foundation stone was laid for the preschool at Vilankulam around 9.35 a.m.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic there were 04 parents, two teachers, the RDS president, 03 students and 04 EHED staff including Rev.Fr. Director


We were welcomed by the parents and the teachers and after lighting the traditional oil lamp we laid the first stones. Rev.Fr. Dunstan laid the first stone following him the teachers, one parent, a child, the RDS president one by one took turn to lay the stones.