Ref: Issue of Food packages, fruit trees & chicks to Vilankulam vulnerable members


The food ration distribution took place at Vilankulam Centre on 18th May 2022 in this distribution       


The staff and the preschool teacher divided our distribution into 03 items;




1.     Food items namely a sack of rice, lintel, sugar and wheat flour




2.      Plants of five nature, budded mango, orange, lime Jambo and guava; all are fruit trees




3.     Poultry- 10 chicks per member



In our address we have mentioned that the donor Need4Care on the request of Rev. Fr. Director, allocated some fund to help the corona victims in vilankulam . Basing on this we have requested the Grama Niladhai to identify some vulnerable families to get this package of items. He has identified 30 vulnerable persons;


1.     Widows                                                                          


2.     The women deserted by the husbands                   


3.     Disabled persons                                                              


4.     Teachers